My new book, Magical Neon Sexuality, is now available.

It features ~12~ stories of passion and longing, wrapped inside a majestically beautiful cover image by Maré Odomo.

Are you interested in heroic tales of Taylor Swift’s revenge against an evil boyfriend? Are you concerned with the intricacies of human-Pokémon romance? Do you sometimes lie awake at night, fairly certain that Selena Gomez represents humanity’s best line of defense against the inevitable zombie apocalypse? Well then perhaps this is the book you’ve been waiting for, your whole entire life.

Magical Neon Sexuality is $8 in the US ($9 Canada, $10 World) and it ships right away, go get it

If you’re looking for something to feverishly, desperately thrust into a stocking this holiday season, your looky is over. BONUS: Now I’ll finally learn who Taylor Momsen is!

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    Lmao so I’m buying this because there are a few names in there I just can’t let go.
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    these are the things that make life worth living
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    That sounds unsettling enough that I would like to own it
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