I’ve written several scripts for Lonely Lisagor’s Sandwich Video but this one for Summly was probably the most daunting. I not only had to put words in the mouth of Nick D’Aloisio, the hyperarticulate 17-year-old creator of the app, but also Stephen Goddamn Fry, all-around genius.

So I spelled everything British-y and used words like “drivel” and hoped for the best. I think it turned out well, and Adam & Co. did a bang-up job as always. I’m super thankful to be able to work with them.

Speaking of, if you have words that need smithing, head over to joshua allen dot com. Let’s make some magic happen tonight.™

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    Summly is an absolutely wonderful, and free, app that I love. It goes through and gives you a quick summery of news...
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    very nice.
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    I’mma gonna check out Summly, but I think it’s gonna suck.
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    It’s amazing what can happen when two handsome fellows put their big bearded brains together. I am super proud of Josh...